Matthew Badger | Department of Mathematics | University of Connecticut


Selected slides from research talks and colloquiua, in reverse chronological order:

Structure theorems for Radon measures
Analysis on Metric Spaces, Pittsburgh, March 2017.
Geometry of measures and anisotropic square functions
Brown Analysis Seminar, October 2016.
Rectifiable and Purely Unrectifiable Measures in the Absence of Absolute Continuity
JMM 2016 (Seattle), Special Session on Analysis and Geometry in Nonsmooth Metric Measure Spaces, January 2016.
Singular Points for Two-Phase Free Bounbdary Problems for Harmonic Measure
SIAM Minisymposium on New Trends in Elliptic PDE, December 2015.
What is Nonsmooth Analysis?
An introductory colloquium (joint presentation with Vasileios Chousionis) for the UConn Special Semester in Nonsmooth Analysis. September 2015.
Quasiconformal Planes and Bi-Lipschitz Parameterizations
Ahlfors-Bers VI, October 2014.
Multiscale Analysis of 1-Rectifiable Measures
AMS Fall 2013 Southeastern Sectional Meeting, Special Session on Harmonic Analysis and PDE, Louisville, October 2013.
Quasispheres and Bi-Lipschitz Parameterizations
Perspectives in Analysis, Philadelphia, September 2012.
Harmonic Measure from Two Sides (and Tools from Geometric Measure Theory)
Simons Postdoctoral Fellowship Meeting, April 2012.
Harmonic Measure in Space (Brownian Motion Demonstrations)
Dynamics seminar at Stony Brook University, September 2011.
Free Boundary Regularity for Harmonic Measure from Two Sides
JMM 2011 (New Orleans), Special Session on Harmonic Analysis and PDEs, January 2011.
Lipschitz Approximation to Corkscrew Domains
Rainwater Seminar at University of Washington, February 2010.
Tangent Measures and Harmonic Polynomials
Short talk at CRM, June 2009.